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How do you inspire the next generation to grow our industry?

The future of our industry is always mysterious. We can forecast and plan, but we don’t really know the shape of things to come. The next generation of architects, contractors, and engineers are going to be the stewards of that future—and it’s our responsibility today to prepare them for tomorrow. 

The ACE Mentor Program is an education initiative that uses a direct, hands-on approach to introduce high school students to the world of building and design. In our work with ACE, students partner with Stantec mentors to develop a real project in a discipline of their choice. When it’s all done, they present their experience to peers, parents, and industry professionals. 

It’s amazing what they can learn in less than a year.

Cost to students

Few after school prgrams this robust can be offered to students in any financial situation - ACE is free.

New affiliates

Recently, we helped two new ACE Mentor affiliates open their doors and start working with students.

Percent of students go ACE

65% of ACE students attend college or grad school in ACE fields - or work in those fields now.

What students are saying

“The ACE Mentor Program helped me discover what career I wanted to pursue.”

Leslie, Grade 11

“Once a week I’m surrounded by peers who share my interest in the engineering field.”

Niko, Grade 12

“In ACE Mentors you learn a lot that you don’t learn in school.”

Connie, Grade 10

“It’s a nice introduction to different fields and a great way to become more experienced in the field you choose.”

Hannah, Grade 11

“If you’re considering architecture, construction, or engineering, the ACE Mentor Program is a great intro into that field.”

Zohaib, Grade 10

“The ACE Mentor Program is important because America needs engineers for our aging infrastructure.”

John, Grade 11

“We had hands-on activities practically every time.”

Randy, Grade 11

“Although I’m graduating and going to college, I wish I could return (Stantec is awesome).”

Scander, Grade 12

“The best part was interacting with our mentors. It was a really welcoming environment.”

Tyler, Grade 11

“My favorite part was seeing our ideas come together. I felt proud of the work.”

Travis, Grade 11

Within reach

For more than ten years, Stantec has partnered with the ACE Mentor Program. Together we’ve introduced students to the inner workings of architecture, construction, and engineering. The goal? Discovering future leaders and sparking a genuine interest.

In Albany, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco, our mentors have helped students focus on improving their communities—designing individual homes, a sustainable high-rise condo building, and sports stadiums and complexes.

Projects in Boston, New York City, and Philadelphia have focused on improving infrastructure. Things got more specific in Raleigh, Rochester, and Puerto Rico, where students job shadowed in rail engineering, beach resort design, and civil engineering.

Over a hundred Stantec mentors in 20 locations have been building relationships and encouraging students to work harder and dream bigger.

Setting the stage

“We spent the last two class periods working on the presentation,” said Michael Clark. “The students described their ideas for the Comcast 2 building and how they wanted those designs shared.”

The ACE Mentor group in our Philadelphia office met every other week. At the end of the year, the students were gearing up to present to the rest of the ACE groups in the Philadelphia area.

Stantec mentors Michael, Krista Van Wassen, and Eric Kukieza helped write the story for the presentation, but it was the students who pulled it off. Demonstrating how much they’d learned to peers and professionals.

Two of the students had a hard time speaking up at first, but as the sessions went on, they volunteered more and more. Towards the end of the year, they were both lead presenters.

Michael was more than proud. “All of the students handled themselves professionally—expertly relaying their information.”

Though this year’s Philadelphia program focused on architecture and engineering, these students built skills that’ll take them far—in an ACE career, or elsewhere.

We're better together

Our work begins at the intersection of community, creativity, and client relationships. With a long-term commitment to the people and places we serve, we have the unique ability to connect to projects on a personal level and advance the quality of life in communities across the globe.

Olga Gorbunova
Civil Engineer
Olga Gorbunova
Civil Engineer

Watching our students transform year after year is what keeps me so involved with the ACE program. It’s motivating to see them push their boundaries and find out what they are capable of accomplishing.… Read More

Joe Geller
Vice President, Regional Business Leader, Community Development (US), Discipline Leader, Landscape Architecture
Joe Geller
Vice President, Regional Business Leader, Community Development (US), Discipline Leader, Landscape Architecture

As an ACE board member, hearing our students’ success stories and seeing the impact on our industry’s diversity is extremely rewarding.… Read More

Melanie Smith
Civil Engineer
Melanie Smith
Civil Engineer

The ACE Mentor Program teams with caring volunteers to work toward a better future for the architectural, construction, and engineering industries.… Read More

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