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Stantec in the Community Day 2016

On September 21, 2016, almost a third of our employees volunteered for our fourth annual Stantec in the Community Day. That’s 8,000 people supporting our communities by cleaning up beaches, upgrading arts centers, sorting donations, flipping burgers, and more.

Phoenix - Helping feed children in the Philippines, all the way from Phoenix!
Seventy-six—that’s how many children in the Philippines Stantec’s Phoenix and Scottsdale offices helped to feed for an entire year. At the Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) site in Mesa, Arizona there was no shortage of volunteers in bright yellow shirts—with over 50 staff showing up to help pack MannaPacks, meal formulas that have key nutrients needed by children worldwide. These MannaPacks have a mixture of vitamins, veggies, soy, and rice that can be easily cooked even in the most remote areas of the world.

FMSC is a non-profit organization whose goal it is to send nutritionally complete meals to malnourished children, which they have done in over 50 countries. “The impact of effort in the places of need was powerful, as illustrated by the help provided to so many countries, in spite of political, religious, or other turmoil—the food for the people still gets through,” said Jeff Bohl from the Scottsdale office.

Our volunteers helped those efforts by preparing ingredient bins; packing, sealing, and boxing individual MannaPacks; and preparing palates that would be shipped straight to the organizations that distribute the packs. In just a mere couple of hours, we helped pack 129 boxes equating to 27,864 meals and 76 kids being fed for an entire year. While FMSC sends food to dozens of countries, the boxes we packed were specifically for children in the Philippines. Taylor Ahrensdorf, “liked FMSC because it was easy to see the immediate impact we were having on lives across the world.”

Visit Feed My Starving Children to learn more about how you can help by donating or volunteering--they have permanent sites in Arizona, Illinois, and Minnesota, as well as “MobilePack” events nationwide!

Tempe - Empower a life today
​In an unassuming corner of Mesa, Arizona, one of the largest and fastest growing communities in the nation, the hardworking staff and volunteers at Paz de Cristo care for those in need. They serve more than 300 meals each day. They distribute more than 1,400 food boxes each month. They provide bus passes, clothes, employment assistance, and countless other services to the most vulnerable members of our community.

Our team in the Tempe (West Broadway) office and four members of our Tempe MWH office volunteered their time and effort, as well as generous donations, to support the important work being done by Paz de Cristo. Arriving early, part of the team set out to give the kitchen a deep cleaning and others picked up paint brushes to spruce up interior and exterior walls. After more than three hours and 30 gallons of paint, it was time to leave; however, the experience left a lasting impression.

A number of staff have revisited the organization to make private donations since then. Paul Stockburger was struck by how caring and respectful the staff was, and was inspired by the dignified, respectful, kind, no-questions asked environment created by Paz de Cristo. He and other staff are also planning to return on their own to continue volunteering and fostering the organization’s positive impact on the community.

Tempe - Providing comfort in difficult times
​What’s red, white, yellow, and cares all over? Since 1974, Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) has been giving families a home away from home when they need to travel for important medical procedures. Our Tempe (West Elna Rae) staff took time away from the office to help care for visitors to our community dealing with unfortunate circumstances.

More than half the Tempe office turned out to trim trees, clean up landscaping, sweep sidewalks and playgrounds, stock sheets and towels, tidy up guest rooms, and put together gift bags. The decision to volunteer at RMHC was based on Marty Minter’s previous experience volunteering at the facility, which he found to be extremely rewarding. It is an experience that he was now able to share with his coworkers.

Our team’s efforts allowed RMHC staff to focus on other important tasks, saving the organization time and money, possibly the most critical elements for any non-profit. According to Kacy Vance, the thanks and appreciation of the RMHC was best part of her Stantec in the Community Day experience. She’s already planning to return and continue to support their efforts.​

Tucson - Putting paradise back with geen infrastructure
Stantec in the Community Day for the Tucson, Arizona office was a partnership with The Watershed Management Group (WMG), a non-for-profit organization that focuses on water; on how to protect, reuse, and harvest. 

One of their many missions at WMG is to teach professionals how to create green spaces, where, as the song goes, “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot,” WMG is providing the means to bring paradise back to our paved spaces, especially parking lots. They are an organization that supports our local community and region with methods, policies, and hands-on training for promoting green infrastructure and other types of water policies and xeriscaping methods.

As volunteers, we came to assist WMG in creating a green infrastructure element for their new entrance. The organization’s local and regional popularity has generated a need for parking and an easily identifiable entrance with a professional look that reflects their mission. The Tucson Stantec team successfully completed a daunting project of digging an 8-foot long trench, lining the trench with two thirds of a ton of landscaping rock, and planting a few native grasses along with an indigenous ironwood tree. Others worked around the perimeter and weeded out invasive buffalo grass, and still a few others worked in the office to help build literature folders for up and coming programming. After just a few hours the team had completed a “Zuni Bowl” green infrastructure feature, removed the buffalo grass, and planted an ironwood tree giving WMG a great start on their new entrance.

To cap off the day, we were able to award WMG with a check from the Stantec Community Fund to assist them with training professionals for designing and building parking lot green infrastructures. John Wise, Managing Principal for the Water Group in Tucson, presented the check. After the ceremony he surveyed the work of the Tucson team and was very impressed with the amount of effort it took to complete such a green infrastructure feature in a few hours with 90 degree heat. 


Tempe (West Broadway)

Tempe (West Elna Rae)



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