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Stantec in the Community Day 2016

On September 21, 2016, almost a third of our employees volunteered for our fourth annual Stantec in the Community Day. That’s 8,000 people supporting our communities by cleaning up beaches, upgrading arts centers, sorting donations, flipping burgers, and more.

Every year, our Germantown office partners with Red Wiggler Farm and toil in the fields. From ripping out an old drip irrigation system, to weeding, and actively harvesting crops – our crew jumps right in.

Why Red Wiggler Farm? Founded in 1996, Red Wiggler was created to provide meaningful employment and healthy food for adults with developmental disabilities and now serves over 1,500 people annually. We first heard about the Farm when doing a pro-bono installation of a solar house for the executive director. This particular house was part built for the University of Maryland’s Solar Decathlon Competition and donated to the Farm.

It’s hard to measure the number of weeds removed but it is easy to measure the satisfaction each member of the team feels after returning to the office a little bit sweatier, dirtier, and forever changed by the experience.

In Laurel, 30 volunteers went to 6 different Compass locations for Community Day. Their efforts were focused on providing yard beautification for homes that serve people with disabilities and they also hosted an art day at Compass’ main office for consumers.

At each home, crews weeded, trimmed bushes, spread mulch, and associated yard maintenance. Cathy Anadale organized the day and visited each project site to deliver mulch and supplies. She was impressed with how each team took pride of ownership for their project and worked together to make things beautiful for these families in need. 

Inside and outside on Community Day 2016

Employees from Stantec’s Laurel office grabbed scissors, rakes, garbage bags, and glue in support of Compass, Inc.

Transcript of the video follows
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<p>on screen</p> <p>what does community day mean to you?</p> <p>giving, fulfilling, collaboration, joy, harmony</p> <p>I don't... I can't do anything</p> <p>dreamwork, compassion, just... community, sweaty, helpful, improvising, inclusiveness, helping, giving back, selflessness, community, helping, warm fuzzies, unity, harmonious, our presence, opportunities</p> <p>just one word, what does community day mean to you? one word, just throw it out there...</p> <p>I can't... you can't do that to me...</p> <p>teamwork</p> <p>it looks good, man, you look good</p> <p>I'm stressed out</p> <p>nah, you look good</p> <p>unity</p>





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