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Message from the Chair of the Board

At Stantec, we have an obligation to our shareholders, clients, employees, suppliers, and the many communities we serve to govern the Company in their best interests.

At Stantec, the way we conduct business is driven by our core values—one of which is we do what is right. It is about integrity, transparency, being ethical, and being accountable—not only to our shareholders, but also to the many communities we are a part of.

Our obligation is to govern the Company in their best interests. We recognize this obligation and take it very seriously.

Ensuring that we meet this obligation begins with leadership and commitment from our board of directors as well as a clear set of governance principles that define the roles and relationships among Stantec's directors, management, and other stakeholders.

We have developed and implemented policies and guidelines that enhance our accountability and further protect the interests of our stakeholders. We believe that good governance is not merely a legal requirement; it is the right thing to do for all the communities we serve.

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