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Creativity & Innovation Program

It all starts with a good idea

Stantec's Creativity & Innovation (C&I) program celebrates and encourages creative and innovative thinking that benefits our clients, communities, and company. The C&I program helps us live our values and deliver on our promise to design with community in mind.

Greenlight Stories

Our $2 million annual Greenlight fund supports employee ideas that benefit our clients, communities, and company. Here are a few ways how. 

A matter of degrees

Dave Dargie explains how Stantec’s warm-mix asphalt research paves the way to landing safe—and sustainable—airfield runway pavement …MORE

Inside a micro-unit

Aeron Hodges researches living small and sharing more to help create affordable urban housing…MORE

Publish & Speak Recipients

Our Publish & Speak program financially rewards employees who demonstrate thought leadership. Here are ideas from some recent recipients.

Brownfield projects are the norm for many oil and gas operators in today’s economy. But when original build documents are missing, how can new plans be accurate? By using lasers, of course.

Laser scan data has become an invaluable part of brownfield projects at Stantec. Daniel Stitt shared his expertise at the CADWorx and Analysis University Conference in 2016 with his presentation, Brownfield Projects—More Accurate the First Time.

Water reuse is a smart way for large projects like commercial developments and campuses to become more sustainable and resilient. So what should developers know when considering onsite water reuse?

Vijay Sundaram and Wendy Chen shared their tips in Alternative Water Source  Systems—5 Things a Project Developer Should Keep in Mind, published in Industrial WaterWorld Magazine in 2016. 

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