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Creativity & Innovation Program

It all starts with a good idea

Stantec's Creativity & Innovation (C&I) program celebrates and encourages creative and innovative thinking that benefits our clients, communities, and company. The C&I program helps us live our values and deliver on our promise to design with community in mind.

Greenlight Stories

Our $2 million annual Greenlight fund supports employee ideas that benefit our clients, communities, and company. Here are a few ways how. 

Disrupting species identification

How Mary Murdoch is using DNA barcoding and environmental DNA to identify organisms in the field…MORE

Supporting the quest for knowledge

How Dr. Rosamund Hyde and Stantec’s research and innovation services team helps employees find solutions for clients…MORE

Publish & Speak Recipients

Our Publish & Speak program financially rewards employees who demonstrate thought leadership. Here are ideas from some recent recipients.

Senior principal Keith Morrow hit a home run with his moderation of a ULI Florida Summit panel, “The Hospitality Sector – What Inning Are We in?” Together with three notable experts, Keith helped attendees understand what’s next for the hospitality industry.

Panelists discussed the proliferation of niche brands, tangible impacts of Airbnb, and the current lending perspective of banks and equity. They believe that while impacts vary from market to market, those who stay up-to-speed on the subtle changes and practice sound fundamentals will score big.

With challenge comes opportunity. That’s why concerns over food security and water scarcity are driving innovation in farming—with tremendous results. Engineer Jeff Shaw recently shared one such success story at a USAID conference on precision agriculture.

Jeff presented a case study that showed how we helped a client in California’s San Joaquin Valley use solar power, intelligent systems, and the latest irrigation technology to increase crop production by 30 percent, while reducing energy and water usage by a similar factor.

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