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Stantec at a Glance

Our Purpose and Promise

Our purpose is to create communities and our promise is to design with community in mind.

Business Objective

To be a top 10 global design firm. Being top 10 means

  • Being recognized for the quality of our work among the top 10 firms in our industry
  • Working on complex projects for top, long-term clients
  • Attracting and retaining highly talented, innovative employees


We seek to achieve our business objective by executing the following strategies:

  • Design. Focusing on professional consulting, we take on little or no construction risk
  • Community presence. Using the strength of our local position to bring our world-class expertise to the communities in which we live and work
  • Local and global client focus. Driving a client-focused culture through cross-selling efforts, account management strategies, and strong local relationships
  • Culture of excellence. Focusing on quality and creativity to provide value-added services through integrated quality management systems
  • Top-tier positioning. Positioning ourselves among the top-tier service providers in the sectors and geographic locations in which we operate
  • Expansion of capabilities and geographic reach. Expanding our capabilities and geographic reach through strategic hires and the acquisition and integration of firms that share our vision and culture
  • Diversification. Pursuing project and client diversification through a three-dimensional business model, thereby mitigating risk


Sustainability matters. It’s important to us to walk the talk internally and also provide leading-edge sustainability services to our clients. We commit to doing what is right by demonstrating the values of social, economic, and environmental responsibility, and fostering a culture of health and safety within Stantec and with the communities we serve.

In 2014, our externally focused sustainability efforts will be in developing our capabilities and strengthening our leadership in the emerging fields of Integrated Infrastructure and Climate Change Adaptation. Internally, we strive to increase resource efficiency and reduce our operational environmental impacts.

Business Model

Our matrix-based business model and leadership structure will remain organized around geographic diversification and business operating units, and we will continue providing services throughout the project life cycle. We believe the realignment to business operating units will allow us to better support our clients create stronger accountability for our leadership team better position us for future growth and success while maintaining the core elements of our strategy.

Geographic Diversification

We operate in three main geographic regions: Canada, the United States, and International. Our aim is to offer the power and resources of a large global entity while maintaining the personality and service delivery attitude of a small, local business.

Community Engagement

At Stantec, we aim to make lasting connections with the communities where we live and work. We partner with a number of charitable and community organizations regularly to help support the growth and development of everything from social projects to environmental projects to charitable initiatives. We target donating 1% of our annual pre-tax profits, through direct cash contributions or services in kind, to charitable or not-for-profit endeavors in the arts, education, environment, and health and wellness.

Business Operating Unit Specialization

Providing quality services to our clients remains critical to our success, while our regions—our communities—remain at the heart of who we are. To continue to evolve our client-focused culture to best meet our clients’ needs, effective January 1, 2014, we realigned our organizational structure from practice area units to focus on three business operating units: Buildings, Energy & Resources, and Infrastructure.


Our focus is front-end services in architecture, buildings engineering, and functional planning for vertical infrastructure. The majority of our revenue relates to private sector clients, with the remaining revenue earned from state and provincial clients. We provide services in the following sectors: Airports & Aviation, Commercial, Education & Institutional, Healthcare, Industrial Buildings, and Science & Technology.

Energy & Resources

Our focus is front-end environmental services and industrial engineering services primarily for private sector clients in the Mining, Oil & Gas, and Power sectors.


Our focus is front-end design and engineering services, with a small portion from construction management. We provide services in the Community Development, Transportation (Bridges, Roadways, Transit & Rail), and Water sectors. Community Development primarily serves private sector clients; Transportation and Water sectors primarily serve public sector clients.

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