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Fundamental Principles in Recycling Planning Courses

Stantec developed a blend of eLearning and in-class sessions to teach municipalities how to manage a successful recycling program.

  • 4
    Online Courses Developed
  • 14
    Days of in-class Training
  • 12
    Training sessions delivered
  • 300+
    Employees trained

Blended learning to help communities go green.

Stewardship Ontario helps the province become more environmentally friendly every day. By recycling as much as possible instead of dumping it in a landfill, Ontario is on its way to a sustainable future.

To give Ontario a head-start toward its green goal, Stewardship Ontario wanted to show municipalities the best way to start and manage their own recycling programs. They wanted a blend of online modules, readings, and in-class sessions that would cover all aspects of a municipal recycling program.

A successful recycling program needs to consider promotion, education, markets, contracts, and data management. Thanks to Stewardship Ontario, municipalities now have access to this wealth of knowledge.

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