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Chromatone, Spring 2015

Stantec Window Gallery

Toronto, Ontario
Marjan Verstappen
Artist Website
Installation Date

A springtime show for a springtime plant, Chromatone sheds new light on the mundane (and often despised) dandelion by rendering it something precious, beautiful and completely unexpected.  During the spring, dandelions are one of the first plants to flower, providing an essential foothold for urban insects. Chromatone offers an imaginative insight into the private life of an insect - to see flowers through the eyes of a bee.

Marjan Verstappen’s practice is based in installation, sculpture and drawing.  She is fascinated by the complexity of human interaction with matter and how it manifests itself in the actions of gardening, building, manufacturing and transporting materials around the globe.  This fascination leads her to study plants, ecosystems and garbage to find new perspectives on this convoluted narrative. Whether she is drawing UV-reactive botanical illustrations of dandelions, making stop-motion films with sand, or weaving peregrine flacon nests out of water reeds she is searching for new facets to this issue. 

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