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Con(Des)struction, Winter 2014

Stantec Window Gallery

Toronto, Ontario
SUMO Project | Lovera Motion + Photography
Derooted Creative Agency
Installation Date

‘Con(Des)struction’ makes reference to the inevitability of life-death cycles, the impermanence of life. It refers to the primeval instinct of construction, creation, growth and life coexisting with an opposite impulse of destruction, decay, and death. Life forces us to negotiate amid these two poles.

We live in a duality of temporal and perpetual; between conventional and spontaneous acts, theological and scientific theories, anxiety and calmness, war and peace, all flowing as a continuous series of events that we experience both as individuals and collectively; they conform the many passages of our existence. It is through these that we perceive the reality around us and manufacture our own truth… only to destroy it again, in the endless cycle of construction and destruction.

This installation is meant to convey the idea of the perpetual cycle between construction and destruction. It uses ‘moire patterns’ to create the perception of a distinctly different space and the illusion of constant movement.

This site specific installation is designed to interact with the viewers depending on their location and mobile condition: by car, transit, bike or on foot (from the park across the street or at the sidewalk closer to the window).

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