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Defragmented City, Spring 2010

Stantec Window Gallery

Toronto, Ontario
Ruth Mora
Aaron Finbow
Timothy Belanger

Defragmented City is composed of 3 primary elements: De-constructed Text, Reflective Material and a Context Plan. The de-constructed text refers to the contemporary city, it’s inhabitants and the role of architecture. The reflective material incorporates the passerby’s image through reflection. The reflective material leaves the window gallery and steps down to the sidewalk greeting the pedestrians. As objects and people pass by, their reflections are drawn back into the gallery space via the reflective material, engaging each individual or object as a piece of the defragmented city. Thirdly, the context plan draws upon the local area – it’s composition, qualities and structure providing the backdrop as a defragmented city, firmly rooting this installation with its urban context.

03/2010-06/2010 Installation Date

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