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Fantastic Brickplastic, Spring 2014

Stantec Window Gallery

Toronto, Ontario
Niki Lederer
Installation Date

Niki Lederer created Fantastic Brickplastic for the Stantec Window Gallery, it spans the dimensions of each window and fills them completely. The sculpture is made from recycled plastic bottles, attached to each other with wire fasteners. The installation is suspended by a custom wire-fastener chain, secured to wood dowel (painted with silver acrylic paint), and subsequently secured by mono filament line.

“Discarded and found objects are my starting point. I reclaim these materials to create my sculpture, specifically the brightly colored plastic bottles left in curbside recycling that I find while walking my dogs. The sheer volume of recyclables creates mountain range after mountain range of empty Tide, Heinz Ketchup, Draino, Mazola Corn Oil and Tropicana Orange Juice bottles.”

Born in London, Ontario and raised in Vancouver, Niki Lederer has lived and worked in Williamsburg, Brooklyn since graduating with an MFA from Hunter College in 1996. She earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Victoria, on the west coast of Canada. Her sculpture practice embraces a mash-up of east and west coast sensibilities, utilizing formal and conceptual approaches to art making, while exploring her love/hate relationship to consumer culture. This has most recently manifested in her found object sculptures created from repurposed consumer plastic.

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