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Flock, Summer 2014

Stantec Window Gallery

Toronto, Ontario
Agnieszka Foltyn
Installation Date

Birds are urban dwellers we are very used to by now. They are spectators of our daily lives and can be found almost everywhere. On the one hand, they are a symbol of how urban centers are thriving with a variety of fauna adapted to live in these unique locations. On the other, they convey a sense of being watched, perhaps by a foreboding presence.

Drawing from the film Birds by Alfred Hitchcock, this series of drawings creates an atmosphere of dualities: heavy and light. There is a tension between the positive and negative areas of the drawings. I want the viewer to feel the physical presence of the subject and the potential of movement inside of the two-dimensional surface. The installation reflects how these mostly unnoticed creatures can have such an impact on our subconscious.

Agnieszka Foltyn holds a B.FA in studio arts and art history from Concordia University in Montreal, and lives in Toronto. As a dancer and a visual artist, her work is centered on the potential for movement within drawing. She has exhibited in Montreal, Toronto, and Winnipeg and her work can be found in private collections across North America and Europe.

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