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Head's Tooth, Spring 2012

Stantec Window Gallery

Toronto, Ontario
John Reed
Christina Gray
Installation Date

The traditional black and white houndstooth textile is here re-imagined in neon colours in a translation between the optics of colour and of pattern. Working with the rich history of the Toronto Garment District we exploring the legacy of legendary Hollywood film costume designer Edith Head, known for her signature blue tinted glasses which shifted the colour spectrum, allowing her to visualize her costumes as they would appear on black and white film. A large scale traditional houndstooth pattern, painted on the back wall of the space, is graphic rendered in bright colours. On the window a large round circle of blue acetate film is applied in direct homage to Edith Head’s signature glasses. Thus, the optical effect of reducing the colour spectrum to black and white is achieved within the centre of the glass while the outer edges remain brightly coloured. Passersby perceive this dynamic optic shift as they track the switch in colour across the graphic when travelled past.

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