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777 S Harbour Island Boulevard Suite 600 Tampa, Florida 33602-5729
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Welcome to Tampa

Stantec is located in the heart of Ybor City in a district rich in history. The historic building we restored there not only serves as our office, it has enhanced the district in a way that honors its heritage and demonstrates our commitment to the community in which we live and work. Similarly, Stantec’s projects throughout the Tampa Bay region have helped shape and enhance the community by collaborating on iconic designs like the Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park, Florida Aquarium Expansion, Tampa Cruise Terminal 3, the University of South Florida’s CAMLS...the list keeps growing!

Over a decade of dedication

Stantec's Dave Kemper, David Ureña, and Metropolitan Ministries'(MetMin) CEO Tim Marks talk about the relationship between Stantec & MetMin.

Transcript of the video follows
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<p>Tim Marks</p> <p>At any organization you have to have trusted partners to get the work done. I know nothing about engineering, right? I know a little bit about helping people get back on their feet. We needed trusted partners to help us get the work done.</p> <p>Dave Kemper</p> <p>Metropolitan Ministries is a great organization. We’ve come to know them quite well over about a ten year period. They’re a faith-based organization that helps the poor and the homeless.</p> <p>We’ve had civil engineers and landscape architects and surveyors and planners all coming together. We have a great team here in the Tampa office and this was really just a great way to get everyone kind of rally together for a great cause.</p> <p>Tim Marks</p> <p>There’s over a decade of support that Stantec has provided to Metropolitan Ministries. It started out with our large holiday assistance program. At the peak in 2009 we served 30,000 families at Thanksgiving and Christmas time.</p> <p>Dave Kemper</p> <p>Our professional work really started off by helping them just stake out tents and lay out some things with our survey folks, and then that kind of evolved into as they launched a project called the Sanctuary Townhome project and Stantec became a big part of their team really dealing, really doing what we do here in the Tampa office on a regular basis in terms of providing zoning support, civil engineering, permitting, landscape architecture and survey.</p> <p>Tim Marks</p> <p>The other thing that they do is they come and they volunteer. They’ll pick up a hammer, they’ll pick up whatever, a paint brush, they’ll help us provide a warm and welcoming environment for the holidays for these families that need our help.</p> <p>David Ureña</p> <p>When it comes to volunteerism, we don’t have to go very far in our communities to see an opportunity very much like MetMin where we can do volunteerism and we can pocket it into our week and kinda just make it a part of our lifestyle.</p> <p>I think Stantec has a very keen sense of what volunteerism is about here in this community especially, being a profit organization that commits to a non-profit like MetMin. I think that’s very rewarding, it’s very uplifting, and I’m proud to be a member of an organization of this caliber.</p> <p>Dave Kemper</p> <p>Well I really can’t think of a better way to design with community in mind than the work we’re doing for metropolitan ministries; we’re really directly impacting their mission and their ability to serve the community.</p>

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