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  Information is not something pathogenic to avoid, but rather is an essential resource to be filtered and used to accomplish a successful project.

Jes Alexant

Senior Project Manager, Water

South Burlington, Vermont

Jes helps mining companies responsibly manage their mine water treatment needs, and periodically provides similar engineering services to government agencies on legacy mine site remediation projects. His work in mine water cleanup allows for enhanced protection of environmental resources and a more compatible integration of the project with the interests of the local community. He has worked on mine water cleanup projects throughout North America since the early 1970s. Jes’s dedication to knowledge and innovation is evident by his involvement in many large projects, including his co-authoring of a worldwide study of coal mining discharge management for Environment Canada, and his contributions to a Canada-wide study of projected compliance costs for the government’s proposed revisions to the Metal Mine Effluent Regulations.

Jes’s experience allows him to play a key role in projects, often coordinating the efforts of the multi-discipline personnel needed to ensure the successful completion of any job. His background includes experience in industrial water and wastewater, municipal water and wastewater, hazardous waste site remediation, research, value engineering, and expert testimony. He has conducted research into a wide range of environmental engineering issues, including the fate of sulfur species related to acid mine drainage and treatment of industrial wastewater.

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