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  Creativity is first about listening to our clients’ needs, then looking outside the box to determine a new way to meet their needs.

Don Armour

Senior Vice President, Geographic Leader, US (Central)

Columbus, Ohio

Don has over 30 years of diverse experience in the consulting engineering industry worldwide. He works in a collaborative fashion to first understand the needs of the client and their stakeholders, then creates solutions tailored to those needs. He is a dedicated professional, mentor, and leader, with a commitment to business operations, guiding staff, and successful client relationships.

Don currently serves as the United States Central regional lead and FEMA program manager. His leadership has contributed to a cohesive strategy for performance and growth that enhances the opportunities for staff growth, while enhancing client relationships. In his role as the FEMA Program Manager, he leads a group of more than 120 dedicated professionals in identifying and mitigating the impacts to flooding nationwide. He is a professional engineer and trained facilitator, highly regarded for his skills in working through complex leadership, management, and engineering issues.

What do communities need help with most?

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<p>I tend to think of resiliency in the same context as I think about health and safety. From a personal standpoint, to be cognizant and keep safety front of mind helps somebody be resilient. By having a community be more resilient, they can better withstand the impacts of natural disasters, economic disasters, whatever kind of disaster might come down their way.</p> <p>In general, I would say people understand the concept of being resilient, being able to withstand something bad that happens to you. They may not know how to get there, they might not know how to pay to get there, and that's really where we can help. Communities want to be more resilient, they want it to be more sustainable. They want to be the best city that they can be or the best community they can be. Funding's always an issue. Right now, resiliency is getting a lot of federal funding, so we can help them get assistance to do some of the things that would make them more resilient. We can certainly use sustainable practices to help reduce the amount of climate change, but there's only so much we can do. By being more resilient, we're better able to withstand the impacts of climate change. The two go ... They're hand-in-hand. You really have to do both.</p> <p>Which really comes to my family, and to the grandchildren that I don't have yet. If we become more resilient and can address all the infrastructure stuff, all these infrastructure issues that we have, then they can perhaps have a better life.&nbsp;</p>


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