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  Plants are my passion. I’m a finder of and advocate for the subtle, obscure, cryptic, and unappreciated members of the botanical world.

Matt Arsenault

Senior Project Manager

Topsham, Maine

Matt doesn’t just work with and study the earth’s natural environment; he lives and breathes it. On the weekends, Matt is usually outside on the nearest mountain climbing a slab of rock with friends. During the week, he is a certified ecologist and a nationally recognized botanist performing everything from ecological and botanical assessments and characterizations and natural resource inventories to wildlife population surveys and water quality monitoring.

Lately Matt has focused much of his work in the oil and gas industry, leading environmental permitting efforts and project management for several natural gas pipeline projects in shale-gas regions of eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania. He’s also worked as a natural resource advisor after a major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

In addition to his work, Matt is deeply committed to educating the community about issues. He teaches, leads field trips, and publishes often – including a recent book – on plant identification and ecology. He knows that a healthy and protected environment is essential for the well-being of our communities and jumps on board projects that aim to create enduring effects on nature

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