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  Leveraging technology to gather data helps us understand how to manage our buildings and communities in the best and most sustainable ways.

Brent Bauman


Edmonton, Alberta

Brent is responsible for a team of design specialists who deal with communication, network, audio/visual, and security systems, and he’s also completed a graduate diploma in disaster and emergency management. Brent and his team work in numerous sectors, and they’ve done some really interesting projects for security operations centers, healthcare, and theaters.

When the Government of Bermuda decided to expand and modernize their primary treatment hospital, they looked to our Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) group for insight into modern healthcare technology practices. The ICT team’s project spanned over five years, implementing new systems for wired and wireless networks as well as security and communication systems to provide a safer and more resilient healthcare system throughout the island nation.

In the constantly evolving field of technology, there’s always more demand for Brent’s expertise. Although the jobs are challenging, for Brent, it’s really cool to add value by connecting systems, making them work together, and harnessing computer networking power to better manage buildings. In the future, the data that he and his team gather will be used to save energy and improve our communities.

An international traveler, Brent is currently learning Spanish. He’s been involved in building safe housing in Mexico, producing video programs in Nicaragua, and building a radio station in Guinea in West Africa. 


The sooner you identify issues with your design or process, the greater the number of solutions you have. A few years ago, at the InfoComm International conference, I gave a presentation to contractors, owners, and consultants on the value of good shop drawings and how they can eliminate a great number of issues.

I recently read The Human Side of Disaster by Thomas Drabek, a great book that dispels many myths about how people react during emergencies.

I’ve been recognized as an adjunct faculty member by InfoComm for the last five years.

I’m a Compassion volunteer and spend my time encouraging others to sponsor children in some of the world’s poorest and most challenging countries.

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