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  Only through advanced systems engineering can we help today’s transportation infrastructure battle traffic congestion and perform better.

Daniel Baxter


Denver, Colorado

Today’s transportation infrastructure and the vehicles using it need a good support system to perform well. As a transportation engineer with more than 34 years of experience, Dan provides that support through advanced electronic systems that sense and respond to operational challenges and inefficiencies.

He has designed systems of sensors, cameras, and fiber optics that have enhanced major roadways, conceived Transportation Management Centers made of software on servers, and helped solve traffic congestion with incident management and traffic-signal coordination. His work has a constructed value of over $1 billion in electronics and includes the 70,000-plus device points on the $16 billion central artery tunnel in Boston. He has also worked on the infrastructure design of Dedicated Short Range Communications equipment for Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) applications.

Dan is active in the design, integration, and testing of transportation technology, with a focus on Connected Automated Vehicles and our AV proving-ground practice.

When he’s not helping out on key highway, tollway, and tunnel infrastructure megaprojects, Dan supports the arts, including theater, ballet, and painting.

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