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  An ideal project team is achieved when an engineer thinks like an architect and an architect thinks like an engineer.

Mila Beaver

Senior Electrical Engineer

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mila brings over 17 years of experience to our Buildings team in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As a senior electrical engineer, she’s responsible for directing the electrical design of large-scale projects through the entire lifecycle, from conceptual and schematic design through to document production.

For the most part, Mila focuses on power system designs for healthcare facilities, educational centers, and high-technology laboratory buildings. But she also has extensive experience in medium voltage distribution and power generation systems. This deep understanding of the electrical engineering process—coupled with strong leadership skills—enables Mila to direct and motivate her design team to deliver successful projects for the clients and communities she serves.

Mila remains professional, productive, and focused in the face of challenge, ensuring that project outcomes meet established design goals, financial deadlines, and quality standards. Her excellent interpersonal skills result in clear communication with architectural designers, stakeholders, and other team members.

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