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  I’m the most satisfied when my work creates environments that promote healing and comfort for patients and families.

Yi Belanger


Miami, Florida

Design has always been Yi’s first love. So when she combined her position as a designer with that of a medical planner, uniting design with healthcare, she found her passion transformed from beauty into a desire to problem solve. Yi is most satisfied when her work creates an environment that promotes healing and comfort for patients and their families. Her designs also improve operational efficiency for medical staff, creating an environment for good business practice and ultimately saving lives.

Yi is known for her client relations, especially the continuous positive relationship she has created locally with the HCA East Division hospitals in South Florida. Because of their on-going contracts, Yi and her team are now the “resident” designer, helping South Florida HCA patients be safer and healthier.

Living in Miami, Yi can be found trying exotic food fare or taking eastern style dance classes. As a current MBA student and full-time worker, it is often hard to find time for downtime, but being able to pursue a career in design allows her to find enjoyment throughout the day. 

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