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  I like to work in the messy areas at the fringes of traditional disciplines where there are more opportunities for research and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Kevin Beuttell


Boston, Massachusetts

Kevin has a passion for finding creative sustainable design solutions. His experience focuses on site planning, stormwater management, and native plant community restoration. He prides himself on pulling together well-rounded teams of tinkerers and experts that can design beautiful, environmentally responsible, and cost-effective projects likely to withstand time.

One of his most rewarding projects was a research and development opportunity with the University of New Hampshire. Kevin and his team were able to find cost-effective strategies to approve the appearance and performance of the site’s bioretention gardens.

For Kevin, the industry he’s working in isn’t particularly important. It’s working on projects that require some degree of synthesis between art and ecology that get him excited. “If a project isn’t beautiful and environmentally responsible, it probably won’t endure,” said Kevin.

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