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  Be prepared for change. Even if you think you’ve done it right once, it will change the next time and you will need a new solution.

Scott Bolton

Senior Associate, Community Development

Salt Lake City, Utah

  • (801) 261-0090

Scott grew up in Montana camping, fishing, and floating along the scenic rivers of Big Sky Country. He still visits home often, but has settled in the heart of Salt Lake City to pursue his passion of designing neighborhoods and resorts that enhance the everyday lives of those who live, work, and play in those communities.

Quality community development centers on well-planned, well-designed sites that incorporate the livability elements of multimodal access, walkability, mixed-use, and safety and security. Communities that give people a sense of place.

The most rewarding thing for Scott is seeing the neighborhoods and resorts he’s designed grow into the fabric of their surroundings, becoming vibrant places for residents and visitors alike.

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