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  I give and do my very best when I am out of my comfort zone.

Patrick Bourgeois


Montreal, Quebec

Following his engineering studies in building structure, Patrick discovered an interest in steel-framed buildings. His passion then began expressing itself in projects which offered countless challenges, thereby allowing him to constantly discover new and diverse skills and knowledge.

Patrick is a versatile manager and project manager with a wide-ranging portfolio of project achievements. In fact, he has been involved in the construction of residential, commercial, and industrial building mandates both in Canada and the United States. He has also developed strong experience and expertise in implementing projects in public-private partnership mode, especially in the health sector.

Very much in tune with the changing nature of his discipline, Patrick considers the use of new tools such as 3D technologies as the key to more efficient management of future projects. He also thinks that using better materials will improve the fatigue life of works, and believes these should be designed to take into account safety concerns and the challenges related to climate change.

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