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  When it comes to technology, build the best infrastructure possible—it’s the foundation of your future operations.

Troy Bowen

Senior Associate

Calgary, Alberta

In Information and Communication Technology (ICT), the only constant is change. Technology life cycles are short, and new technology solutions are constantly popping up. For Troy, being able to match a client’s needs to the latest ICT solution is exciting.

Troy combines more than 25 years as an ICT specialist with in-depth industry knowledge to deliver great results for his clients. Recently, Troy has been leading a team to develop a network infrastructure that will support the Calgary Airport’s IT and security applications for years to come. The challenge? It’ll take five to six years to build, and IT life cycles can change twice a year. This sort of project calls for a lot of knowledge and planning.

Troy believes that when you’re in the ICT field you need to be prepared to invest the time. You need to intimately understand the core concepts of physical infrastructure and the importance of relationships with manufacturers and suppliers—and of course, clients. When he’s not at work, Troy might be volunteering, floating on a lake, or taking pictures from mountain tops.  

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