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  Design is always evolving. There’s a perpetual challenge to think and dream beyond, to revisit one’s own notions, learn from the past, adapt, share, and do it all over again.

Joshua Brewinski

Senior Designer

Boulder, Colorado

With over eight years of design experience and a portfolio that spans multiple disciplines and project types, Joshua has learned that communication is key to good design. His goal is to deliver our clients the highest level of thought, insight, and creativity available. That way, they can bring their own visions of experience and place to life.

Joshua’s planning and design expertise focuses on mixed-use, retail, multi-family, and commercial office design. With our global presence and continuing client relationships, Joshua is thankful for the many opportunities to collaborate on projects throughout the world—and explore great design within our rich and diverse cultures. Each context creates more inspiration and grants more knowledge.

When he isn’t designing, Joshua’s creativity and activity are broadened through live shows, travelling, photography, cooking, exploring the mountains, and playing guitar. In between those pursuits, you’ll probably find him on a café patio, novel and latte in hand. 


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