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  The real bonus in doing this kind of work is shaping my community and helping it build new opportunities.

Kevin Brousseau

Senior Associate, Community Development

Waterloo, Ontario

As a discipline leader and project manager within our Community Development group, Kevin focuses on elevating our project execution, improving our project management framework conformance, and enhancing our safety culture. He’s involved in conceptual design and feasibility studies, and he works on preliminary and detailed design as well as technical advisory services for a variety of residential, industrial, and commercial developments.

Recently, at the Victoria Park Village Subdivision in Guelph, Ontario, Kevin worked on the redevelopment of a golf course into a 500-unit subdivision. With challenges like high groundwater, environmental constraints, and the reconstruction of a cool-water stream, Kevin was in his element providing design expertise and client-focused customer service.

Kevin’s attention to detail and direct involvement in all project phases results in a thorough and cost-effective design with smooth approval processes. An executive of the Guelph Home Builders association and a member of the Kitchener/Conestoga Rotary Club, Kevin is no stranger to his community, but if he’s all the way off the clock you’ll probably find him skiing with his family.

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