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  Technical excellence is important. The ability to go beyond analysis to understanding the data and its impacts is critical.

Damon Brown

Principal, Environmental Services

Salt Lake City, Utah

  • (801) 261-0090

Every year is different, but that’s okay with Damon. Each passing year brings new challenges to overcome and puzzles to solve, and he loves that about being a geologist in the oil and gas industry. As one of our managing leaders, Damon blends his considerable knowledge of environmental regulations and management practices with the conviction that it’s essential to understand the bigger picture and get to the story behind each project he tackles. That’s what sets him apart.

From simple baseline assessments to complex, full-scale soil and groundwater remediation, Damon enjoys working on projects that offer real solutions for his clients. His goal is to improve the quality of a community’s groundwater, soil, or atmospheric conditions—to positively impact the water we drink, earth we live on, and air we breathe.

And when he’s not working to improve the quality of life for local communities, Damon can be found fly fishing on the Weber River, enjoying the natural wonders he works so hard to preserve.

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