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  I work to encourage team collaboration, as well as blend talents and resources with other Stantec offices. It gives us the ability to understand the nature and needs of all the communities that we serve in our geographic area and across North America.

Kelly Brown

Principal Geologist, Environmental Services

Long Beach, California

Principal geologist, father, dog owner/lover, competitive paddle boarder, and surfer. Kelly Brown helps lead our Long Beach office in numerous environmental compliance, management, assessment, and remediation projects throughout southern California. Understanding the importance of unity amongst his team, Kelly fosters and encourages teamwork at all levels. As a result, clients have expressed how his team functions like a well-oiled machine and that nobody ever takes individual credit for a job well done.

It is through Kelly’s leadership that an ongoing, high-profile gas station facility project has proven so successful. His team maintains a laser-like focus on the client’s goals and best interests, while keeping the community neighborhood—directly across from the site—safe.

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