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  I love to see how the design process can achieve exactly what my client wants.

Brita Caamano

Senior Designer/Manager

Miami, Florida

Brita’s position at Stantec is two-fold; not only does she tackle design coordination but she also leads all project teams from a financial standpoint. Typically, Brita takes on hospitality and high rise residential projects, but lately, she’s been assisting healthcare, which is fitting, as Brita’s job is to make sure the projects she leads stay healthy.

As the manager of all ZOM Holdings Inc. clients, Brita is skilled when it comes to client relations. She ensures, through managing her team, that the end product is exactly how her client wants it to be. While the biggest challenge for Brita can be seeing that the design is achieved, that achievement is also what makes her job satisfying.

Originating from Argentina, Brita was born with the travel bug. From Japan to Russia to Patagonia, she keeps track of her journey a bit differently than most—by keeping a travel journal of photographs to look back on. Her interest in the visual is evident in all aspects of her life. 

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