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  For every situation, there’s a solution waiting to be discovered. That’s what I do.

Mannie Carpenter

Senior Engineer

Tempe, Arizona

Mannie has done it all in the environmental engineering field. From air quality and emissions permitting to hazardous and radioactive waste management. His 35 years in the field have prepared him for just about any scenario. Mannie loves to analyze a situation and develop solutions quickly and efficiently.

Recently, Mannie developed and carried out a plan to measure sulfuric acid mist emissions from solvent extraction/electrowinning cells, including efficiencies of various control methods. He also assisted a client with a new biomass boiler to measure emissions and then make changes to feedstocks, achieving compliance with air quality permit conditions.

Mannie enjoys time with his wife, six children, and eight grandchildren. He also likes to get out into nature to hunt, camp, and hike.

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