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  Traffic engineering is an art requiring creativity to address and balance the complexities embedded within every transportation problem.

Adam Catherine


Mount Laurel, New Jersey

Traffic engineering and transportation planning use science and art to build connections that enhance communities. Adam has done just that on a variety projects across the northeastern United States including VISSIM simulations of proposed roundabouts; a long-range transit system plan for Syracuse, NY; a corridor safety study for the New Jersey Turnpike Authority, and the development of transportation demand management strategies in Montgomery County, MD.

Responding to the needs of communities and clients, Adam leads a team that brings sensitivity, experience, and technology to develop solutions that maximize benefits while minimizing costs and impacts. Excited by the challenges of regional traffic, transit, and safety problems, Adam thinks outside the box and relishes seeing his projects come to fruition. 

Adam shares his passion for his work through the Institute of Transportation Engineers, technical presentations, and teaching at the University of Delaware.

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