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  My work is collecting, analyzing, and representing spatial data about the location and attributes of the elements that make up our world.

Curt Chapman

Vice President, Regional Leader, US (Southwest) & International; Discipline Leader, Community Development (Geomatics)

Reno, Nevada

Curt’s work is both science and art: technology plays a large role in the field and office practices. At the same time, retracement of land definition is often rooted in history with reliance on old documents and physical evidence recovered in the field.

Curt is a licensed Professional Land Surveyor in multiple states. His experience covers a broad spectrum, including boundary surveys, topographic and natural resources mapping, laser scanning, and construction staking. His work spans industries, from airports to hospitals, mining to residential communities, and highways to power and energy. Curt also has experience in the development of engineering-related software tools for drawing recognition and analysis.

The methods of defining land are varied, depending on location and history of settlement. Curt often retraces and relies on work that was performed decades, and sometimes centuries ago; he feels great respect for all those who provided quality survey services over past generations.


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