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  My workplace is the great outdoors; for that, I’m extremely grateful.

Randy Christensen

Senior Environmental Scientist/Project Manager

Northampton, Massachusetts

Randy specializes in all facets of wetland science including state and federal wetland delineation and assessment, plant species identification, soil surveys, wildlife habitat assessments, wetland impact mitigation, and aquatic habitat restoration design. His favorite part about his work is combining diverse projects with the ability to spend extensive time outdoors.

Recently, Randy completed a multi-year monitoring effort following shorebird nesting in an urban coastal environment. “It reminded me of the resiliency of nature and that coexistence is possible with careful planning and education.” Our team protected the nesting habitat and helped to fledge a number of chicks for two protected shorebird species.

Listing his passions as hunting, fishing, cycling, and golf, Randy also owns a small horse farm that “seems to need constant attention.” When hobbies and farm maintenance aren’t filling his spare time, he explores a good book. And every spring he and his wife of 27 years travel to a different Caribbean destination.

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