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  Every project has its challenges. Regulations and design standards differ between clients, states, and countries. Working with clients that work in multiple areas adds another layer of complication - but that’s what we do.

Pat Clark

Associate, Technical Lead Stormwater

Scarborough, Maine

Pat finds a good challenge rewarding. A complicated regulation, design standard, or project site are right up his alley. He got his start in railroad as a civil engineer before moving into the urban development sector. Working mostly with urban land projects, he built a specialization in stormwater. His experience with permitting and site design led him into civil design for industrial power and airport projects.

One of his favorite projects was an airport reconstruction and terminal construction project in the Bahamas. Pat was involved on the landside development, specifically 20 acres of parking lot space. With a coastal site come high water tables and flat grades. His team had to think outside the box to figure out where the stormwater would run off. Ultimately, they designed several shallow underground chamber infiltration systems that would rest under the parking lot without breeching the water table.

In his spare time, he likes to visit the City of Portland and volunteer for local environmental causes. It’s no surprise that another of his favorite projects is a rain garden in Portland. Funded through Stantec’s R&D fund, it created a micro environment that treated parking lot run off, created a colorful wildlife environment along the trail, and increased general public education and awareness about water runoff.

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