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  Healthcare architecture is the result of a perfect fusion of the ordinary and extraordinary, and this is manifested most creatively in environments for children.

Annie Coull

Vice President

San Francisco, California

In over 25 years of leading healthcare programming, conceptual planning, and project detailed design, Annie has pursued a special interest in facilitating teamwork that successfully synthesizes diverse user input and a breadth of architectural options.

Her main areas of focus have been the design of healthcare environments for women, children, and families. Each project is created to deliver an industry-leading patient and provider experience at the intersection of design process and organizational culture.

With professional experience in psychology, child development, and healthcare architecture and having achieved a Master of Architecture, a Master of Education, and a Bachelor  of Psychology, Annie brings a unique sensitivity to the special needs of children, families, and staff in the healthcare setting. She creates environments that dignify and foster respect for children of all ages, support families in stress, and enhance the ability of staff to provide care.


My presentation “A Journey Like No Other” at UXWeek 2015 explored the way that a child’s experience shapes the design for health and wellness in children’s hospitals.

In March of 2015, Laurel Harrison and I co-presented “Flexible Design Solutions: Aspirations and Results in an Academic Medical Center Replacement Project” at the ASHE Planning Design and Construction Summit.

I contributed the “Sustainability, Toward a Healthier PICU” chapter in Mardelle McCuskey Shepley’s book Design for Pediatric and Neonatal Critical Care.

Look for my article “Flexible Designs for Academic Medical Centers” in Health Facilities Management magazine July 2016. 

As our population starts to trend older, what are we doing to bridge the generational gaps? Check out “Aging Societies Should Make More of Mentorship” at the Harvard Business Review.

Nearsoft, an outsourcing and software development firm, interviewed me about the value of designing an experience instead of just a building. Conversation 1 of 2 and Converstation 2 of 2.

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