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  The biggest opportunities for growth come when we’re willing to step outside our comfort zone.

Tom Creasey


Lexington, Kentucky

Tom has taken his passion and turned it into a profession. Since his days at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, he’s been fascinated with the Highway Capacity Manual (HCM)—the definitive guidebook for highway systems across the globe. Now, Tom chairs the committee that oversees all updates and contributions to the publication.

For outsiders, the book might resemble a make-shift stepstool. However, for those in the transportation industry, the book represents the state of the entire practice, developed by the best minds in the business. The manual serves as a fundamental reference on how well your community roadways are doing in terms of performance, capacity, and multi-modal operation.

Tom’s involvement with the HCM is only one example of how he bridges research and practice. Currently, he’s leading an evaluation of the I-71/I-75 corridor in the Greater Cincinnati area, employing the new Freeway Facilities method. As a member of the contractor team, Tom helped author the new Planning and Preliminary Engineering Applications Guide to the Highway Capacity Manual, which was recently published as National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Report 825. 

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