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  We use our integrity management experience to help pipeline operating companies effectively utilize their infrastructure.

Michael Crutchley

Team Leader, Integrity

Edmonton, Alberta

Michael is a mechanical engineer and project manager with over 30 years in the oil and gas, food/chemical processing, and steel industries. He specializes in pipeline and facility integrity and risk management including corrosion prevention, construction management, and mechanical design.

Recently, Mike and his team worked with a major pipeline company on a multi-year response to a significant geo hazard issue. He says that it’s been a terrific learning experience, and the best part of it was getting to work with a wide cross-section of people. Mike makes ongoing contributions to pipeline safety through Industry Associations such as the International Pipeline Conference (IPC), American Gas Association (AGA), and NACE. This year he’s presenting a paper at the NACE International Corrosion Engineering Conference.

When he’s not at work, Mike indulges a passion for Canadian aviation history. Whenever he can, he gets his adrenaline flowing by taking flight in an antique, fabric covered, tail wheel aircraft.

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