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  Never underestimate the value of the knowledge and experience that you possess.

Alan Cyr

Senior Technical Specialist

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

With more than 25 years of experience in the energy industry, ranging from the meterbase to the fuel source, Alan has developed expertise on energy trading, power production and transmission and distribution. He understands the industry in Atlantic Canada and, bolstered by his background with power producers, has the ability to educate our clients on good utility practices.

As a senior technical specialist, Alan has used his experience to provide various technical analyses required to develop energy plans and strategies, particularly around renewable energy. His contributions are based on energy analysis for clients of similar size and scope, as well as the opportunities that could be developed at various scales and technologies.

When Alan isn’t creating a plan for our future power generation, you’ll find him at the Dartmouth yacht club sailing and racing with his son, Mike.

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