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  Success at anything will always come down to focus and effort… and you control both.

Derek Da Silva


Edmonton , Alberta

Derek is very proud to be part of the Stantec community. As manager of quality and organizational change, Derek’s role is to help our oil and gas departments establish work processes, improve preformance, and prepare for continued growth.

Derek has a genuine desire to help people, and is motivated by knowing that others are looking to implement best practices whenever possible. He lives by the philosophy that “it is okay to dream big and set high expectations for yourself and people around you. Even if you fall short, you’ll still accomplish greater things than if you hadn’t dreamed at all.”

Derek often asks, “What are you good at? What do you enjoy doing? What do other people value?”, and believes that when the answers to all three of these questions are the same, you have success. Derek’s innate ability to help others embrace their strengths and achieve success positively impacts our people, our community, and our future.

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