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  I’m driven to find innovative solutions to the unique problems that our clients face, particularly ones where there are no standard practices or methods.

Jean-Michel DeVink

Senior Environmental Scientist

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Jean-Michel is technical lead for ecosystems in Saskatchewan, providing guidance on how our work can follow the best available science. He’s an expert in environmental assessments, environmental monitoring study designs and analyses, wildlife, ecotoxicology, and the wind energy sector.

A conference presenter and researcher, Jean-Michel supports business development through constant discovery. He participates in research and development through an adjunct professorship at the University of Saskatchewan and through our Greenlight research program. Recently, Jean-Michel led the development of a predictive site-specific model for greenhouse gas emissions for BC Hydro. He and his team had to develop a novel approach to modelling, a success which was accepted wholesale by regulators and reviewers both.

An active outdoors person, Jean-Michel delights in teaching his two boys about the natural world and the connection we have to the land. Regardless of the career path his kids choose, Jean-Michel’s aims are to help them learn to appreciate the beauty and diversity in nature and to understand the importance of sustainable development.

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