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  I am motivated daily by our multi-talented engineers and designers who consistently deliver first-class products to our clients.

Tom Ettinger

Senior Associate

Pasadena, California

As an open ocean water race swimmer, who literally swims with the sharks, Tom is always one for a challenge. Lucky for the oil and gas, geothermal, and gas-fired power industries, Tom takes on significant projects that advance our communities, economy, and environment. An experienced project and construction manager with more than 43 years under his belt engineering, designing, and supporting construction, he brings an upper hand to many diverse projects. From Colony Energy’s $100 million Liquefied Natural Gas Facility—helping to lower our carbon footprint, to Mammoth Lakes Geothermal Power Plant—the world’s first air cooled binary plant, he leads alternative energy resource projects that make a difference.

A member of the Geothermal Resources Council and trusted industry specialist, Tom’s presented on and authored articles about geothermal power plants—how they work and benefit our world.

Tom recognizes and appreciates the many multi-talented engineers and designers who he leads and works with. They consistently deliver their clients with first-class products and inspire him to continue in this highly specialized field.

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