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  Restoring streams and rivers is incredibly rewarding work.

Brad Fairley

Senior Associate, Stream Restoration Lead, Canada East

Waterloo, Ontario

Brad has more than 30 years of professional experience involving both the public and private sector. His career took him many places, including Regina, North Carolina, and eventually back to Ontario. With a strong background in water resources management, including water quality management and watershed planning, Brad has focused on stream and wetland restoration for the last 15 years of his career.

During that time he’s managed more than 60 fluvial geomorphology and stream restoration projects throughout North America. Brad has established a number of habitat banks and provided advice to numerous public and private agencies regarding habitat bank development. He’s built on his strong technical background and developed considerable expertise in project management and works with clients to help them understand the regulatory environment, clarify their objectives, and seize opportunities.

When he’s not working, Brad can be found spending time with his wife Margaret and purebred Samoyed, Polar. Brad also enjoys watching Formula One and taking his BMW M3 out on the track. 

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