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  I don’t like to think outside the box—I like to build a whole new one.

Matt Falacinski

Structural Consultant

Edmonton, Alberta

Matt is a structural engineer who knows unusual things, like the uses of 3D scanning for kitchen renovations, how to speak four languages, and the advantages of Google Cardboard in skyscraper design. As diverse as it is detailed, all of his expertise shares one thing: it solves problems.

Sometimes, this means making a computer model of a building to expedite the design process and increase accuracy. Sometimes, it means using 3D printing to bring a design off the drafting page and into the real world. Sometimes, it means spending time with his young kids to practice seeing the world with fresh eyes.

Whatever the occasion, Matt’s curiosity is always a means to an end: new tools to help clients and communities overcome challenges. From 3D models and structural drawings in Revit and other 3D software to laser scanning, point cloud processing, and 3D printing, Matt is at the forefront of engineering technologies that complete projects faster, better, and cheaper.

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