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  I’m dedicated to providing value to communities in their journey to achieve sustainable and resilient infrastructure founded on sound asset-management practices.

Guy Félio

Senior Associate

Ottawa, Ontario

Guy is an infrastructure management specialist with over 30 years of experience in civil, geotechnical, and municipal engineering. He focuses on finding practical, innovative, and cost-effective sustainable and resilient solutions for clients—mainly with owners and operators of infrastructure and facilities.

Drawing on his research, policy development, engineering, and teaching experience, Guy is at the forefront of asset management, resilience, and sustainability discussions. For Guy, the connection between these three aspects is their impact on our social functions. When engineering fails, the first result is the loss of our social capacities, and then those problems further impact environmental and economic sustainability.

The solution? Building resilient communities through the implementation of sound asset management practices, governance frameworks, and strategies.

Starting his career as a civil engineering professor at UCLA, Guy has never lost his passion for teaching. Whether it’s teaching a course at Carleton University (where he’s been an adjunct professor for 20 years) or introducing K-12 kids to the importance of engineering, Guy is passionate about the transfer of knowledge.

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