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  At Stantec, opinions and realities are valued—don’t ever be afraid to speak up.

Terry Ferguson

Vice President, Financial Services

Waterloo, Ontario

Terry’s guiding principle is that the more we know, the more we’re able to help each other when the going gets tough. As a vice president in financial services, Terry is often aware of difficult projects, and in his experience across all sectors and businesses, those project issues can often arise when communication breaks down.

That’s why the culture he cultivates has always been about being open and forthright—he wants to bring in the right resources and collaborate to find solutions.

Almost twenty years ago now, Terry joined Stantec through the acquisition of Paragon Engineering, where he was vice president of finance. At Stantec, he’s been a regional controller, senior financial advisor, and director of financial advisory services.

These days, in addition to supporting the c-suite with operational financial reporting and analysis, Terry works with many of our functional services teams to align our practices with our business goals. Recently, he’s been contributing his financial expertise to business planning and budgeting and working on how they support our strategic annual plan—figuring out how each process informs the others.

For Terry, his current position gives him the opportunity to see things from many different perspectives. As his role has broadened, he’s worked across all regions and business lines, and for each project he provides a unique context so that others can appreciate why we do what we do.

Terry enjoys all-season activities, from skiing to canoeing, camping, and hiking. He’s been blessed with six grandkids and is looking forward to enjoying some family time at his cottage. 

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