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  One of the best challenges is finding an innovative solution that is feasible, technically sound, and cost effective.

Wolfgang Fieltsch

Team Leader, Integrity

Markham, Ontario

Wolfgang is a NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) certified cathodic protection specialist with over 18 years of experience. Beginning his corrosion career in field engineering, he performed CP surveys and testing, moved on to project and design engineering, and finally ended up in engineering management.

“We never stop learning,” says Wolfgang. “Just when you think you have something figured out, there’ll be a new wrinkle or development.” The technical challenges that Wolfgang solves in his work are what keep him excited and motivated. Recently, he applied that attitude to an AC corrosion problem on a pipeline in Oklahoma. After site testing, evaluations, and modeling, Wolfgang and his team encountered and overcame some interesting phenomena related to soil chemistry and coupon shape and sizing.

Outside of work, Wolfgang has published several papers on AC interference mitigation and AC corrosion and volunteered on a number of technical committees. This year he’s presenting a paper on AC interference risk at the NACE Corrosion 2016 National Conference in Vancouver. The paper ranks over 6,400 miles of pipeline infrastructure for a large gas utility in California. In his free time, he likes to get outside and have fun with his kids—skiing, soccer, biking, swimming, or sneaking off to the cottage.

Wolfgang uses a technique involving direct electric (DC) current to prevent buried—or submerged—metallic infrastructure from corroding.

He presented a Case Study on the risk of alternating current interference on thousands of miles of pipeline for a gas utility client at the NACE International Corrosion Conference earlier this year.

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