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  Taking initiative isn’t just personally rewarding, the collaborations that develop along the way can open the door to further opportunities.

Marcel Gahbauer

Senior Wildlife Biologist

Ottawa, Ontario

Dr. Marcel Gahbauer is a senior wildlife ecologist with over 16 years of field and reporting experience involving species at risk, population monitoring, and environmental assessments. He’s worked on projects all over Canada focusing on power generation and distribution including multiple large transmission lines, major hydroelectric generation projects, and wind turbine installations.

For the past couple of years, Marcel has been the technical director for the AltaLink Castle Rock Ridge to Chapel Rock transmission line project. He is currently overseeing technical quality for multiple disciplines through the development of an environmental evaluation—and eventually, he’ll be the lead environmental witness at the Alberta Utilities Commission regulatory hearing.

In this project and others, Marcel takes pride in doing his work well and having a positive influence on the environment. When he’s not at work, he travels—near or far, preferably well off the beaten path with camera in hand. His roots are in wildlife biology, and now that his work has become more office-based, it’s more important to him than ever to reconnect with nature.

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