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  I care about making things that we share—public space, public resources, public realm—more successful, efficient, accessible, and amazing.

Erin Garnaas-Holmes

Landscape Designer

Boston, Massachusetts

Erin is an urban planner and designer with a passion for the triple bottom line: helping communities achieve economic growth while also addressing environmental and social concerns. Erin has experience designing urban districts, open space networks, complete streetscapes, and public spaces, and he’s an expert in sustainable infrastructure.

Trained as a landscape architect and an urban planner, he has worked on several strategic redevelopment plans to identify opportunities that would bring ecologically sustainable and socially vibrant development to urbanizing environments. Before joining Stantec, Erin worked with non-profit, government, and academic design and planning organizations that expanded access to open space and cultural landscapes.

Erin was recently involved in the Swimmable Charles River Feasibility Study, a pro bono project to help a local advocacy group understand the challenges, but also the opportunities, in establishing a permanent swimming area in the Charles River. “Waterfronts are the most desirable 21st century open space, and Boston has a lot of work to do,” says Erin.

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