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  All models are wrong, some are useful.

Mike Gerlach

Associate, Water

Phoenix, Arizona

Mike is a surface water hydrologist who lives in the desert. You might think he has nothing to do, but you would be very wrong. He uses his expertise in rainfall and runoff modeling, open channel hydraulics, and sediment analysis on projects through the desert southwest. Mike’s integration of hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, engineering applications, and GIS software results in solutions that keep water flowing through the rivers and channels instead of through your front door.

Mike serves as project manager and engineer for large floodplain delineation studies, area drainage master plans, and dam safety studies and analyses. He is also very experienced in the creation of GIS relational databases for drainage master planning which are used by Stantec for data analysis and alternatives formulation. So, whether you need a drainage area modeled or an answer to ponding in the area, Mike will work to deliver the solution.


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